DAY ONE - 25.10.00
Klub 38

4:00 PM

Director: Bertrand Collard & Ubi Res
16mm 3minutes 40 seconds 1999

Social Identity, individual identity, family identity/ Fragments of the collective memory explore grand-fathers, fathers and sons faces which identify with war, country garden travel and hospitals. The characters superimposed together in order to confuse.

HAUNT #451
Director: Susana Donovan
Super 8-16mm 18 minutes 2000

Haunt #451 is about censorship and desire, and how stories get told. The film reduces macro power struggles to a single human heartbeat, and links an individuals inner turmoil to the self-destructive action of a nation. The realm of desire, especially desire deemed taboo is one that has been traditional ignored in written western history. , Yet has driven every human action ever taken. Haunt #451 is experimental mixed format film, which explores the rich complex terrain shared by societal and self-censorship. Although the film is intrinsically political (hence the title reference to Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451) the goal is to explore the intricacies of censorship and thwarted desires.

Director Jennifer Bae
35 mm 3:00 1999

An introverted woman, who becomes increasingly frustrated with her identity, finds "escape" by immersing herself in an alternate culture and identity.


Director Susan Ingram
Video 17 minutes 1999

Iguana, a dramatization about relationship, uses the lizard as a symbol for a primitive human emotion representing the aging process. It relates shedding skin to transcendence into an internal journey of celebration.

Director Ursula Hodel
Digital Video 14 minutes 1999

Hodel dressed in haute couture enters a barn on her daughter's farm in Switzerland. Balanced on a milking stool, she desperately massages a cow's udder, her unpracticed hands find the task difficult. Hodel's costume, with the hay and excrement carpeting the barn, set off this outrageous and darkly comic performance.

Director Alla Kovgan
16mm 10 minutes 1999

Aching came out as a silent protest against violence and war as a way of conflict resolution. Through the union of sound, light and movements of the human body, the film tells an imaginative story of women experienced a state of being target on a bridge. The film explores relativity of a single moment in the context of the human universe. Music by Saturnalia, a Boston experimental Jazz Group.


5:30 PM

Director Phil McNally
4 minutes. 1999

'An animated story of corrupting power, sickening abuse and paralyzing fear"


Director Michael Sean Kaminsky
Digital video 30 minutes 2000

Ritual nation is a documentary exploring three alternative communities. The Rainbow Family in Oregon, The Radical Fairies in Tennessee and the Burning Man Festival in Nevada.



Director Suporn Shoosongdej
10 minutes 16mm 1998

Director Noel Saltzman
HI-8 Video 25 minutes 1999

The merchant of Venice is a re-working of Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice, that includes text from Kathy Acker's reinterpretation of the play, extensive use of live and prerecorded video, and lots of cross-dressing ('T/V" stands for "Television" and "Transvestite"). The production distilled Shakespeare's play into dense, intense scenes of sexual anxiety, emotional violence, gender ambiguity and racial discord: Portia's struggle with her own powerlessness, Antonio's Forbidden sexual longings, Bassanio's emotional manipulation and Shlock's inexorable destruction.


7:00 PM

Director Bob Ray
16mm 90minutes 1999

Rock Opera is a comedic tale of local musician Toe's struggle to put together a tour for his band. Through selling dirt weed, stabbing people in the back, and double crossing half a dozen of the meanest sons of bitches in Texas, Toe puts himself in a position to achieve his dreams.
Featuring Music by Nashville Pussy, Fuckemos, Pig Poke, The Butthole Surfers, Pocket Fishermen, Cherubs, Voltage, Honky, Ed Hall, 16 Deluxe, Pong, Titz, The Crack Pipes, Squat Thrust, Elfalco, The Phantom Creeps, Antebellum.

Bands that will follow the Wednesday film screenings.

9:00 PM

Psychedelic band from Warsaw.


From Cracow.

VOLAPUK From France
Following their appearance at Jazz Jamboree Festival.
The musical group VOLAPUK Guillaume Saurel - cello, Guigou Chenevier - percussion, sax, voice, keyboards, Michel Mandel - clarinets, bass clarinet, taragot), VOLAPUK has been active since 1994, the bands focus is on different genres such as rock expression, jazz improvisations, classical phrases, folk/ethnic rhythms and joyfulness. Their music breaks stereotypes and conventions - being very energetic, rhythmical, emotional and catchy at the same time. It should be called "balancing at the borders" or "another reality" music.