Tony Gault

I am currently making films and teaching media production and film studies at the University of Denver.


The Gift:
An experimental documentary that examines four generations of a family slowly coming to terms with the genetic implications of 60 years of substance abuse.



Cathy Cook and Leighton Pierce for their inspirational and experimental explorations of the documentary genre.
Werner Hertzog - for his earnest (yet often comic) insertions of himself as filmmaker in his documentaries.
Any filmmaker who tries to answer unanswerable questions.


New Projects

Untitled documentary
explores the irony inherent in the final sixmonths in the life of Jack Foco. He's an artist just finding success as a painter. He quit his financially successful job in the corporate world (and hawked everything he owned to get out of debt) to pursue his dream of becoming a painter - only to be diagnosed with brain cancer.
Direction of the Road
an experimental film that explores the changes of human consciousness since the advent of the Industrial Revolution. Based in part on a book called The Railway Journey, which postulates that speedier modes of transport have robbed us of our ability to focus on foreground objects in space (and time).
Midwifery documentary (untitled and in progress)
a sixty minute documentary exploring the benefits of homebirth and the controversy surrounding this ancient practice.

Signs Went Blank (in progress)
a fifteen minute 16 mm live action, optically printed w/ rotoscope animation film investigating language and its effects on our perception of reality.


Ideas About Indie filmmaking

Jesus...what the hell is independent filmmaking anymore? Sometimes when I go to a show of independent filmmakers or a film festival, I feel like we're preaching to the converted. The audience seems filled with other filmmakers or friends of filmmakers. The vast majority of folks have no idea what film can do or convey. I wish there was a way to bring more experimental filmmaking to the masses (beyond MTV's and Oliver Stone's co-opting of the genre). I know that when I saw my first (thankfully, good) experimental film, I was amazedat the potential I had never even considered.