Lisa Hammer

  I am a musician/ filmmaker and have been involved in underground films for over a decade. I shoot exclusively in super-8 for budgetary reasons, as I put most of my money into my band and don't have much to spend on film. But, luckily, I love super-8. I studied film at Emerson College and The School of the Museum of Fine Arts. My films have been screened all over the world in many festivals including Masters of Super-8, Cinema Nova,Euro-Underground, Chicago Underground, No Agenda-at Anthology Film Archives, Armchair Festival and I recently got accepted to the New York Underground Film Festival. I know there are more but I can't remember them all...I also got some funding from The Media Loft, Drift Distribution and Experimental Television Center.
  I live in a tiny studio in Soho, NY with my husband Eric. He is in the band with me and writes and records some of my film soundtracks.



Love Me In June Or Die, Decombres, Adieux Dames (on compilation), Die Slowly Lost Love, Lizard Lady, Miscarriages of the Rich and Famous, Birthday Boy, numerous music videos...
Not Farewell, Sweet Flesh--16mm rock-opera, won many awards at various festivals...
Pussbucket-from the Broadway Musical-- feature-length super-8 gore musical. Available at Tower Video across the USA, shown at several festivals, distributed by Fast Forward and Film Threat, started riot at NY screening...
Beauty and the Beast (b&w 7min- on compilation), The Emasculator, The Singing Fish, In The Eyes Of God music videos...
1995: Jorinda and Joringel (B&W 30 min. fairytale- on compilation)
Empire ofAche, Blessed Elysium Follies, Naughty PSA, Turn of the Century TV shows- created many silent film shorts and vaudeville skits for show. Festivals: One-woman show at D.C.T.V. A Night of Marchenfilme, Masters of Super-8 (US and Europe) No Agenda-Anthology Film Archives
CompletedA Night of Marchenfilme compilation, concentrated on TV show creating many more short films and skits, music videos,Empire of Ache Festivals: Chicago Underground, Euro Underground,Armchair
Dance of Death, Crawley, developing several shorts and 2 music videos. Empire of Ache in New York Underground Film Festival, and some fancy underground festival in LA and an art gallery in D.C., and a bunch of cable shows....and my band's video that I helped edit and got onto MTV-Online.

State of indie/underground filmmaking

I live under a rock- I have absolutely no idea.

New projects.

Through my Blessed Elysium: Motion Picture Company. I recently compiled some of my silent movies from 1987-1996 onto a collection called A Night Of Marchenfilme which basically means "A Night Of Fairytale Films" and if you buy bags of peanuts andinvite friends and dress up, you can pretend you're at an old-time picture show. you can find this collection by sending $2 for a great new catalogue to: Sacrum Torch- PO Box 278 - Prince St. Station - NY, NY 10012 - USA.
I'm also working on a few new scripts and some music videos. My band just released a new CD and I'm still directing and editing Dame Darcy's cable TV show, Turn of the Century.

Open Question!

An important question- where to find grants and private investments for underground films???????